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massage Spartanburg SC massage in Spartanburg SC swedish massage vs deep tissue Spartanburg massage swedish vs deep tissue

Reiki Healing, Reiki Session, Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher

Pain relief is here at Massage Spartanburg SC.  Massage in Spartanburg SC such as relaxation massage and hot stone massage as well as massage specifically for pain relief.  Some ask what the benefits of massage such as Swedish vs Deep Tissue - Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage can both be utilized to help you with your pain.  Deep Tissue vs Swedish massage would be that they are equal in their own individual usefulness. We can use Swedish massage to relieve pain and promote circulation, getting the bad out and the good in. Whereas, we can use deep tissue to get to the muscles that are deep and may be causing musculoskeletal issues here at Tree of Life Spirit-Mind-Body Spartanburg massage.  We are massage in spartanburg sc

Back Massage, Neck Massage, Tree of Life Spirit Mind Body

A Holistic approach to health and well-being by a Massage Therapist - Reiki Therapist - Meditation Instructor to help you achieve balance and well-being in Spirit, Mind, and Body in a professional and safe environment.

We provide Professional Massage Therapy services for relaxation and to help relieve pain including:

Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Migraine Relief, Headaches, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, and more!

Pain Relief is here!

Tree of Life

Spirit - Mind - Body

2375 E Main St #A200

Spartanburg, SC 29307

Wednesday & Saturday

9am - 6pm

By appointment only

No walk-in availability

We cannot support gender, age, or ethnic preferences.

Ten years' experience.

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Relaxatin massage gift card certificate

Ultimate Relaxation Massage 

The Ultimate Relaxation Massage Gift Card is the perfect gift for any holiday or birthday. With a combination of heated towels, aroma therapy's, and advanced relaxation massage techniques only available at Tree of Life Massage in Spartanburg, SC, you will be the champion gift giver. This massage is a must for anyone with a stressful lifestyle that wants to relax to the max. Please note: This is not a deep tissue massage.  

(864) 597-9309



Sensational Swedish Massage in Spartanbug SC

Sensational Swedish Massage

This amazing Swedish Massage session is the perfect gift idea for any occasion.  This gift card includes aromatherapy, heated towels, and a perfectly delivered Swedish Massage Therapy session at Tree of Life in Spartanburg, SC.  You will be the life of the party when you bring the gift of massage.  

(864) 597-9309



Deep Tissue Massage Gift Certificate Card

Deeper Than Deep Tissue Massage

This is the amazing Deeper Than Deep Tissue Massage gift certificate and will take you to the extreme in Deep Tissue Massage Therapy. Even if you need a lighter pressure. These are Deep Tissue Massage techniques within advanced modality designed to fit a variety of needs to help with pain relief, range of motion, and movement. This compilation can only be found at Tree of Life Massage in Spartanburg, SC.  Please note:  This is our only deep tissue session.  

(864) 597-9309



Reiki Treatment massage by a Reiki Master Massage Therapist Energy Massage Bodywork Therapy Session

Living Vitality Energy Massage

This energy and massage therapy session combination is a wonderful gift for anyone who is low on energy or wants an energy boost.  Also perfect for anyone looking to enhance the energetic aspect of themselves.  This gift certificate includes heated towels, aromatherapy, and an energy, enhanced Massage Therapy session by an Energy Master / Massage Therapist at Tree of Life in Spartanburg, SC.  

(864) 597-9309



Swedish Massage gift card certificate

Basic Massage

This massage uses well delivered basic massage techniques within a basic modality that fits a variety of needs.  If what you are interested in is a well rounded good massage, this is the session for you.  This session also includes a couple of lovely heated towels to warm you up and help loosen the back.  This massage may be professionally customized to fit your individual need.  Please note:  This is not a deep tissue massage.  

(864) 597-9309



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