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We at Tree of Life massage therapy center provide professional massage therapy such as deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage.


At Tree of Life Spirit-Mind-Body we strive to provide professional services such as massage/bodywork for back pain relief, neck pain relief, sciatica relief, migraine headache relief, fibromyalgia relief, carpal tunnel relief etc. Also, providing a Holistic approach to health and well-being through Massage/Bodywork, Chinese Medicine Meridians & Acupoints, Chakras, Meditation that will help you achieve balance and progression in Spirit-Mind-Body

Our goal is to help you get to the place that you are healthy and moving in Spirit-Mind-Body. We are here to help you back into balance. We want you to gain great experience on your journey and to be as healthy as you can be as well. We are highly trained and certified in Massage/Bodywork, Chinese Medicine Acupressure, Chakras & Meditation. Our clients consistently see a major difference in their lives

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