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Ultimate Relaxation Massage

Are you stressed? This 1 hour session has the combination of specialized techniques designed to relax you to the max.  With heated towels and Aromatherapy you will be in pure bliss!  High quality aromatherapy and natural oils will leave your skin and your senses in serenity.  This massage is definitely a must for all of us who are stressed on a normal basis.  This is not a deep tissue massage.  

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Living Vitality Energy Massage

Renew your aching muscles with our signature series Living Vitality Energy Massage. In this Massage Therapy session your therapist will use a combination of specially designed energy massage / bodywork techniques by a Reiki Master Massage Therapist, Aromatherapy and heated towels to help bring back your vitality. We use high quality natural essential oils to leave the skin feeling silky smooth and unique massage techniques to make your body recover rapidly and energize.  This is not a deep tissue massage. 

(864) 597-9309

Sensational Swedish Massage

Need to feel the tension of life fade away?  Our Signature Series Sensational Swedish massage is just what you need!  This Massage Therapy session is an enhanced Swedish Massage with Aromatherapy and heated towels.  We use high quality natural Essential Oils that have amazing antioxidant benefits and will make you feel like everything is melting away.  This is not a deep tissue massage.  

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Deeper Than Deep Tissue Massage

Deeper Than Deep Tissue Massage will take you to the extreme in Deep Tissue Massage Therapy. Even if you need a lighter pressure. These are Deep Tissue Massage techniques within advanced modality designed to fit a variety of needs to help with pain relief, range of motion, and movement. This compilation can only be found at Tree of Life Massage in Spartanburg, SC. This Deep Tissue Massage session is a combination of Heated towels, special Deep Tissue natural oils, and a cooling gel. The combination of Hydrotherapy and the warming/cooling agents will help your muscles into Deep Tissue relaxation.  Please note:  This is our only deep tissue session. 

(864) 597-9309

Basic Massage Therapy Session

This massage can be professionally customized.  This session uses basic massage techniques within a basic modality that fits a variety of needs.  We use natural oils that your body will soak up for nourishment and heated towels on your back.  If what you are interested in is a well rounded good massage, this is the session for you.  

(864) 597-9309

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Take a look at some of our specialties!
These can be combined with any session.  (864) 597-9309

What is "deep tissue?" It simply means massaging the muscles that are not near the skin. The body is made with layers of muscles, and this massage will get to the deeper ones. Generally the session will start with some warm up techniques that will get the muscles closer to the skin, and then move to the muscles that cause issues in the body. The session doesn't have to hurt in order to be effective. In fact, if it hurts too much, it isn't effective at all. The muscles would contract and work against the therapist. We work effectively, not hurtfully.  Please book "Deeper than Deep" for this session.

Almost everyone suffers from one or the other in many different ways. We can help! We have advanced training in the areas of back, neck, and shoulder. We have many specialties helping to relieve a variety of medical issues including neck, back and shoulder pain. We have found that once the musculature is in balance the body can once again support itself as it should without pain. There is hope! We can help! 

There are many stresses that mother and child have throughout pregnancy and after birth.

Pregnancy Massage:

Getting a prenatal massage during pregnancy can help the mother's body with the changes that are taking place to make room for the baby. Pains can go away, swelling can be minimized, stress can be alleviated. When "it's time" and your doctor says it's OK, you may want to take advantage of a labor inducing massage. This is a safe alternative to the medications that are commonly used. We are also trained to help those who are high risk pregnancy.

Postpartum Massage:

With the body going back to the way it was before pregnancy, caring for your new bundle, and fatigue, there are many extras that are put on your plate. Well, your a new mom! :-) It comes with the package. Neck and shoulder pain are common from holding, looking down, and feeding. These put more stress on the muscles of the neck and shoulders. When your baby turns into a "hip- hugger" you put more stress on your low back and hips. Massage will help with all of these.

Infant Massage:

Your baby has just had the ride of a lifetime. There is no turning back now. There's no better start than with massage. It stimulates the nervous system promoting healthy development. Good chemical changes happen in the body. Circulation is improved and the immune system is enhanced. Massage is good for your baby! The neat thing is that when we do an infant massage and it is a teaching lesson for parents. You will learn how to continue massage at home! What better way to bond with your baby?

We can help! This area has everyone baffled. Doctors are treating fibromyalgia with drugs that change chemicals in the body in a way that controls pain . This seems to really work. Thing is, if you can take care of yourself in a natural way, you don't have the side effects of the medications (which are sometimes long term or permanent). Weekly sessions will dramatically effect you in a positive way. In fact, studies show a major decrease in symptoms with massages for Fibromyalgia sufferers. Sometimes metabolic waste (a byproduct of metabolism) can be an irritant to nerve endings because of bad circulation. Massage can act to calm pain receptors and aid in circulation and muscle balance. This can decrease or possibly eradicate your pain.

You're sitting at your desk, just like every other day, but today you notice pain radiating in your hand and wrist. You try to grab your bag, but the strength isn't there. You remember the night before waking up several times because your hand was tingly and asleep. Our therapists are very qualified to help. Massage to the muscles that make you able to type, bend your hand, and grip can alleviate the pain, increase circulation and aid in healing. Sometimes the real problem is coming from your neck, shoulder, chest, or arm. Massage to these areas cannot only alleviate the symptoms, but fix the problem. The pain, weakness, and numbness is there because nerves in the hand, wrist, arm, shoulder, or neck have been restricted possibly because of muscle tightness. This can be a serious issue and needs to be resolved as soon as possible before it worsens.  Please book "Deeper than Deep" for this session. 

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(864) 597-9309

Signature massages utilize massage techniques within advanced modality designed to fit a variety of needs.  These massage sessions are a product of many years of Massage Therapy Experience and can only be found at Tree of Life in Spartanburg, SC.

Other Modalities:

Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage, Neuromuscular massage therapy

Other Specialities:

Muscle Energy Massage Technique, Passive Positioning, Lymphatic Flush massage, Migraine Relief Massage, Headache Massage, Sciatica Massage, Plantar Fasciitis Massage

You will receive a personal consultation to ensure your session is customized especially for your needs.

Our therapists have many hours of advanced training. We see complete reversal of neck and back issues, migrains, carpal tunnel, pinched nerve, etc. We love to see our clients when they return finding they are seeing 75%, 90% and 100% difference in an issue they have suffered with for decades.

Tree of Life Therapists in no way diagnose illness or disease, perform medical (practice medicine) procedures, chiropractic adjustments, utilize electro-therapeutic devices as defined in Section 40-30-30 (of the SC Massage Practice Act), prescribe medicines, or engage in practices for which a license to practice medicine, chiropractic, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture or podiatry is required by law, unless the person is duly licensed in that profession.

Tree of Life would like to provide you with the following draping standard of conduct as according to South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation The full interpritation of the MASSAGE PRACTICE ACT can be found here.

1. Draping of Clients: Licensees shall provide a clean drape for each client for the purpose of maintaining professional standards, and to ensure the clients safety, comfort, and privacy. The areas that must be draped are the gluteal and genital areas for male and female clients, and the breast area for female clients. The drape may be adjusted in order to perform therapeutic treatment to the gluteal and breast tissue.

Please note: Tree of Life: If you are receiving massage and you let your therapist know you have backpain, hip pain, sciatic pain, leg pain, foot pain, these may be caused by your hip rotators or gluteal muscles. Your therapist may adjust your draping accordingly.

2. Breast Massage: For the protection of the client and the massage therapist, massage of the breasts must be performed in a professional and ethical manner and with prior written consent from the client or physician referral on file. When medical reasons are involved and contraindications may be an issue, a physician’s referral is necessary.

If you'd like to save on time, please print these out and bring them with you or scan them in and email to our secure email:

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