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Meditation Instructor

Tree of Life

Spirit - Mind - Body

2375 E Main St #A200

Spartanburg, SC 29307

Tuesday - Saturday

9am - 6pm

By appointment only

No walk-in availability

(864) 597-9309

Meditation is basically the act of quieting the mind, but so much more when you have the knowledge of how to use it.  When one quiets the mind everything is placed aside and awareness is what remains. Ultimately that pure awareness is what brings true healing, balance, and advancement spirit mind and body when you apply it appropriately. To bring that life force into a cultivation and to refinement of oneself to be the best version one can be.  You see, where our awareness is our energy is also.  If our energy (in the form of thought) is in the future, past, or layered in daily stresses our energy is spread out into these areas and the present self suffers the lack thereof.  This can cause an array of problems in our lives and our power in the present self is diminished considerably.  This however can be changed with the proper meditation techniques and proper thinking habits so that everything that springs forth from our present self is abundant and positive, effecting and affecting the self and everyone/everything around oneself.  That is simply put but not simply accomplished. There are few who can achieve this state of being and even fewer who can find the way to healing and evolution through this awareness. That is where the meditation 1 on 1 sessions come into play. From beginner to advanced our meditation 1 on 1 sessions are not only for the novice, but also those who have been in spiritual practice for many years. We come to you with a perspective of not one but many systems of esoteric knowledge bridging the gap that has not only separated the many systems, but also has limited us to a narrow vision of reality. That coupled with the wisdom gained from our own meditative practice will provide you with some of the highest level information available.

One thing that we have found is that there are a lot of systems. Many parts of the systems work and are true. Many either do not work or are not necessary. It has been our position to find what really works in the systems and what does not. By relying on what we have proven in our own lives and the lives of those around us we have developed processes that actually work and have been proven time and again not only within our clients but within ourselves. With training and certification in many areas such as Reiki, Chakras, Meditation, Chinese Medicine Meridians and Acupoints this high level of information from a meditation instructor will be a great enhancement to your current system of practice or a great beginning to your spiritual journey.

These sessions may be done face to face online if you cannot come to the facility. Please request this by phone or in the comments section prior to your session time

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