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Massage therapy has benefited many people just like you! It feels Great! Check out these reasons why

Massage therapist massage therapy spartanburg sc

At Tree of Life Spirit-Mind-Body we like to take Massage Therapy seriously and with serious backing by medical and scientific research. Medical Doctors are increasingly recommending a massage therapy program as a complement to their practice. Your Massage Therapist using Deep Tissue Massage may help with many issues such as: headache, neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, overworked muscles, etc. I constantly see clients that are dealing with pain and discomfort and see amazing results in the first session and consistently great progress when used as part of a wellness program including Meditation and Reiki Healing sessions over time. Relaxation Massage along with aromatherapy with high quality essential oils works well when circulation is needed or in areas such as depression and anxiety as well as fibromyalgia. It can also help one to heal faster and detox. It's amazing what the body can do when it is given that extra boost with massage therapy. Get the out and the good in so that the body can work at its highest potential and one can feel normal again! There are so many studies and reports to support this. Take a look at this great article on how massage therapy is a “research-backed tool... ..., depression and anxiety..., reduces low back pain..., may ease knee pain..., alleviates carpal tunnel syndrome...”, and even “You'll sleep better”

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