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Perfect Relaxation

Stressed out

I would like to introduce you to perfect relaxation. We live such stressful lives. Even if one has made life changes such as retirement (re-tired as some have called it) or a job change there are stresses that are unavoidable. I have heard many say that they were just as stressed after retirement or job changes as they were before. That's because the stress does not come from an outside source. Outside sources can irritate and seem to cause the stress, but the stress is ultimately already there. Eventually the stress comes back in time, even with the removal of the irritant. The system is stressed again and again until a change within the system itself takes place. That is where taking care of oneself comes in. By making healthy choices such as dietary changes, getting massage therapy by a licensed massage therapist, reiki by a reiki master, or learning meditation from a meditation instructor and continuing these practices on a regular basis one can minimize or even eliminate that inner stress that's steadily overwhelming the system. These practices greatly enhance one's spirit, mind, and the body's capability to handle stress by helping to gain back control and providing a means to handle the irritants that one comes in contact with on a daily basis as well as enhancing the connection to everyone and everything positively creating an environment conducive to homeostasis (stable, equilibrium) or harmony.

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