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Consistent Massage Therapy

I can't stress enough how much consistent massage therapy sessions will help you. I constantly see people once or twice and have amazing results every session. They will feel great after and it seems all their problems are banished from their lives. Guess what happens? Two, three, or four months down the line they are coming back in with the same exact issues they started with. Granted, normally it isn't as bad as it was initially, but if they'd been coming consistently for massage during that time they would be much further along in their healing process. I love to see it when things just disappear though, don't get me wrong. That is truly an exciting experience, but lets face it, reality doesn't always work that way does it? The human body heals over time. That's just how it works. We are healing from the inside out every second. It is quite an amazing process. Truth is, the human body is a miracle in and of itself and moment by moment is creating new miracles. When there is homeostasis in the spirit, mind, body and all are supplied what is needed in terms of proper nutrition, activity, emotional stability, and a perfected energy system the body is a great healing machine that can heal itself and do many wonders for you. Massage therapy can span the distance, creating a bridge if you will, connecting all of these processes to homeostasis. When provided, this modality is utilized by a qualified, licensed massage therapist who has the knowledge to work across these broad systems of the human experience. I also love to see results and could be considered result driven, so I would love to see the results you receive by getting consistent massage as well.

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