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Managing Stress

I have been finding more and more that people are coming in for a massage therapy session with stress, neck, back, and hip pain and discomfort. Our lives have become consumed once again as it did many generations ago with what I would like to call caveman syndrome. “Joking in part” We are in caves (houses, vehicles, workplaces, movie theaters, etc.) all the time once again. Our body must have thought the neck, back, and hip tension it developed from being in caves was over, but modern society has devolved and resulted to living in caves once again. As you can imagine we have suffered the consequences once more and our neck, back, and hips have taken the blunt of it. The once bent over positions we had to live within caves has come back in the form of sitting in recliners, sofas, and looking down at the device of our choosing. (Phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) When most of our lives are lived in this position it takes a toll on our body causing pain or discomfort. You see, when we are in these positions for an extended amount of time the body adapts to the positions causing muscles that should be normal length and strength to be elongated, shortened, or weak. Then when we go back to normal life the muscles are not as they should be, unsupportive and lethargic. We also have the stress of security, such as our finances and jobs as well as other stresses. Have you even noticed how much stress is involved, just running to the store a few minutes down the road is? It's hard to even have a normal, friendly conversation without wondering about what the other party is thinking of you. While writing this I am wondering what you are thinking about what I wrote. There is no escape from the stress, only management. There is hope in all this. With modalities such as massage, meditation, and reiki therapy one can start to reverse these processes, expelling the stress and balancing out the musculature, that generally results in less pain, discomfort, and tension. Seeing a licensed massage therapist on a consistent basis will work with all these areas. Learning to do meditation properly from an instructor can teach you methods that will help you manage your stress and increase your mental faculties. Getting a reiki session from a certified practitioner can work with energetic blockages, helping the spirit-mind-body back into balance, and totally changing your outlook on life along with many other things suitable for another topic. I encourage you to bring one of these modalities into your routine for a while to see how beneficial it is when added to your current wellness program. There is a reason Tree of Life in Spartanburg, SC has chosen to provide these modalities and that is because they work, but in order for them to work the systems have to be i​mplemented into your life. It's interesting when I have a massage therapy client ask me if reiki works or if meditation helps. If I have chosen to provide it as a part of my services, then yes! For someone new I would say “Come get a massage from me. If you experience greatness during that session, any other modality I offer will be great as well because greatness spreads like that.” I am excited to help you achieve the state of being you long for and the modalities I provide will do just that!

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