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Massage Therapy is an amazing healing modality.

Massage therapy is an amazing healing modality. It increases circulation of lymph and blood first of all. This in and of itself enhances the body's healing capabilities tremendously. Most of us have very inactive times during our days and nights and this causes the body liquids, especially in the legs to remain stagnant. What happens to water when it sits outside in a puddle stagnant? Well, the body can be the same in that the liquids in the legs get stagnant. Massage will help the body push those fluids out of the legs so it can be processed and new, healing fluids and energy can go back to nourish the legs. Massage increases circulation all over the body so you get a much needed full body flush. Out with the bad. In with the good. This is great for all the muscles, joints, and organs. Stagnation is one of our main problems in the human body and is especially a problem with our sedentary lifestyles. That kind of sounds like sediment. Like the bottom of a hot water heater that hasn't been cleaned. Basically yuk that is there because of inactivity. A licensed Massage Therapist can enhance the body's mechanisms of healing by helping it create an environment conducive to healing. Massage therapy may very well be the oldest modality and it has withstood time for a reason.

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