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New Year and Massage Therapy

Let's chat a moment about how massage therapy can be integrated into your current wellness program. For instance, let's say that your new years resolution was to exercise more. When you exercise, your body produces what's called metabolic waste products as a byproduct of the many processes of metabolism your body goes through. This waste product for the most part pollutes the body and causes cells to be poisoned and if it isn't removed properly can cause cell death. It also causes that sore feeling days after exercising. Now, granted if you are an extremely healthy individual the body does quite well on its own to take care of this, but if you are like most people your body could use a little help. Massage does just that. It increases blood and lymph flow in the body, making it easier to rid itself of these waste products enhancing immune function and muscle recovery. Take that flu virus! Yep, even the flu virus when it goes on its rampage infecting and killing cells produces a waste product, and that is what causes you to get flu like symptoms. Helping the body to clean by seeing a massage therapist on a consistent basis enhances your immune system's functionality (or in other words your body's main defense system.) What if your new year change is to eat healthier? Eating a healthy diet will make all processes in your body enhanced. With that enhancement comes the waste products. Eating healthy helps your body kill viruses, detox organs, etc. In with the good, out with the bad. That is a great thing! Well, depending on how complicated that detox process is will determine the symptoms you experience. By getting a good healthy relaxation massage on a regular basis, the process of eliminating these toxic substances can be very smooth and even unnoticeable for some. Personally, with the information I have just provided, I think professional massage therapy should be added to that new year resolution as well. Have a happy and healthy year! Book a massage online

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