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We are spiritual beings having a human experience. I don't recall where I heard that first, but they said it beautifully. In other words, we are eternal living energy that has a physical body it uses sort of as a tool, similar to an advanced biological space suite, to help us navigate the dimensions in which we currently reside. Unfortunately, most know themselves as the human body rather than the eternal living energy that inhabits it or they know themselves as the physical mind which is also just an extension of the eternal living energy that is our true self. What I hope to do is to help you understand your true self and become it. The true nature of yourself and your reality so that you may navigate this realm in your highest potential.


Once you know your true self and are no longer separate in consciousness from it, you may venture safely through this reality and others that are available to you having more than a working understanding and being fully aware of your experience. You may ask, why would one become separate from their true self? Is this something that is forced upon me or did I choose it? I would say both. You see, it is a development of sorts. We become overwhelmed when we attach ourselves to the physical reality. An over stimulation if you will, of all our senses. The physical body and mind are fairly new to you when you choose to inhabit them. When experiences happen it is easy to get caught up in the moment and believe that the physical body and mind are all you are because they are the medium in which your true self interacts with this reality. Some even attach themselves so deeply into the physical body and the physical experience that is all they believe themselves to be. There is also a difference in believing oneself to be spirit and knowing oneself to be spirit. For instance. I can go to school and get a certificate or license to be a doctor. After my certification or licensure I believe myself to be a doctor and others around me believe that I am a doctor as well, but am I? Technically, I have completed what society agrees to be the level of education to be labeled doctor, but I do not truly know what it means to be a doctor until I have experience after experience that trains my whole self how to act and react to doctoral situations. Ultimately, it is experiences that make me who I am, not the beliefs I have in place because of the knowledge I have gained. Also, there is a consciousness that could be termed “Knowing” and “One Mind” that we will eventually achieve and those are terms we will become more familiar with at a later time.

For now, know that you are more than just your physical body and mind, and that there is more to this reality than meets the eye, so we may travel on this journey into the truth of your existence and the source of all things.

I kind of want to jump right in and throw everything I know in your lap and let you go to infinity and beyond, but I know that for some of you the first two paragraphs contain worlds of information that you have not came across up to this point, so I will try to do my best to be a good informational steward, take my time and let my inner guide, well guide.  May I suggest you do the same?  

First off lets touch briefly on the main goal in life and what it will take to achieve this goal.  We already know from above that we are eternal living energy that is experiencing this life in a biological space suit we call the physical body, but it is a bit more complicated than that.  We have a human consciousness.  The physical mind, in fact the whole nervous system links human consciousness to the physical body.  If you were to say “I” do this, “I” did that, “I” experienced such and such, you would touch on what one could call human consciousness.  This is “YOU”.  This is the part of you that experiences life as you know it.  This is the “YOU” that is the “I” that is reading this right now :-)  (That deserved a smile)  One could say that this consciousness experiences life in density, in harmony and accord as well as disharmony and discord.  This makes growth through experience very fast.  In other words, if everything was perfect all the time and there were no obstacles we would not be able to grow very efficiently.  Much like a muscle.  One could lift weights and grow muscle or one could lift spoons of ice cream and grow fat.  Human consciousness grows through day to day experiences we all have.  And it's a good thing.  Otherwise, someone or something else would have come and taken everything we have.  It's about the experience, though.  The human physical body is the densest body we have at this current time to experience life through.  The human body experiences life through the senses.  Touch, taste, smell, hearing, seeing and feeling.  One thing to keep in mind at this point is that we gather information from experiences through the senses and it links through the mind/body to our human consciousness.  All the senses are senders and receivers of information.  We also must understand that the senses simply receive and transmit frequency.  We hear sound in a range of frequency.  We see colors in a range of frequency.  Smell, touch, and taste are also frequencies.  We even transmit frequencies through our voice for communication.  It's an amazing biological intelligence!  Our human consciousness gathers the information, processes it, records it, and then uses it when needed to calculate past, present, and future experiences.  


We also have an unexplainable consciousness that some have termed “Super/Supreme Consciousness”, “Higher Self”, “Christ Consciousness”, “One Mind”, “Crystal Grid Consciousness”, “Christ Self”, “Oversoul Consciousness”, “Collective Consciousness, “I Am” and many other terms we won't mention here.  I'm going to try to avoid terms such as higher or lower as they seem to be more confusing than helpful.  This consciousness is so complicated that words only seem to do it an injustice and confuse.  The best way to know this is to experience it.  This consciousness is achieved when your present consciousness “I” is in complete union and working in complete cooperation with your greatest potential.  The concepts and practices in the information you will be presented with will lead you to a place that you can achieve this goal.

Due to complexities of my own path, I have not added to this page in awhile.  Keep checking back as I plan to soon.

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